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Similarly the workers also want the management to listen to them. A trade union provides such a forum where the feelings, ideas and opinions of the workers could be discussed. It can also transmit the feelings, ideas, opinions and complaints of the workers to the management.

More Reasons to Join

The collective voice of the workers is heard by the management and give due consideration while taking policy decisions by the management. Another reason for employees joining unions is that employees feel that unions can fulfill the important need for adequate machinery for proper maintenance of employer-employee relations.

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Unions help in betterment of industrial relations among management and workers by solving the problems peacefully. This has helped me a lot and it have so much information that I wanted to write about in my project.. It it can encourage people to see info from it. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

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Think about your opportunity to join a union. For your own sake.

Please contact for further details. But, it is union that provides them a powerful, collective voice to communicate to management their dissatisfaction and frustration. Man is a social animal. Hence, need to belong is strong in both his personal and work lives.

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  8. This is corroborated by well investigated research studies also as is shown by Table Table Trade Union. You must be logged in to post a comment.

    Why join a union?

    In times of austerity it seems incomprehensible that young people would not want to be represented in trade unions and beyond. Does this reflect a general political apathy among my peers, a lack of awareness, or simply a change in attitudes and approaches towards employment? Admittedly, before coming to university I knew very little about unionism.

    IBEW - Why Join a Union?

    However, the way that many universities are structured means that there is a dependency on unions. My student union is integral to university life, and although funded in part by the main university itself, effectively works as an independent force to represent all students. There would be no Freshers' Fair, societies or welfare support without it, and every student at my university is a member of the student union whether they like it or not. Nevertheless, as reflected by low voting figures in student union elections, even students appear uninterested in unions, and the politics that come with them.

    But, more than students, it is those young people that are currently in full or part-time employment that are the most vulnerable to exploitation under the current government without the help of trade unions.